What to Expect

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Preparing for your appointment: Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment in order to leave plenty of time to check-in and decompress.  Dress comfortably - and no need to have your make-up done! We'll always do a thorough cleanse at the beginning of your service, so if you're coming right from work - that's ok, too!  At your first visit to our skin care center, we will have some intake paperwork for you to fill out, and want you to complete this prior to your appointment so we begin your spa service on time.  At subsequent visits, you are invited to continue arriving early to de-stress and make the most out of your experience. 

What to Expect:  At your initial visit, your Esthetician will consult with you on your expectations before beginning your treatment. Your services will be customized to your needs and goals, so you get the most personalized experience possible.   We will check-in with you at subsequent appointments to find out how you responded to your service, and continue to modify or update your services so you always get the most optimal results. For most services, you will change into one of our robes for your treatment.  Your Esthetician may ask a question or two if necessary, or inform you of what to expect during different parts of your service, but aside from that, will provide the most tranquil and relaxing environment possible so you get the absolute most out of your time in our center.

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