​A stand-alone treatment performed no less than 5 days after a Brazilian wax or laser treatment

          This specialized treatment is designed to address irritation, ingrown

          hairs, hyperpigmentation and to improve overall skin health of the

          bikini area

V-Treatment Add-On

This service is an excellent add-on to a Brazilian Wax.

          Includes all the benefits of a V-Treatment, but is only performed with

          a Brazilian Wax.

Derrière Treatment

This treatment is designed to treat the skin of the buttocks and is customized to your specific skincare needs. Treatment includes waxing of the buttocks, customized exfoliation, an enzymatic treatment designed to break down dead skin cell build-up and is finished with skin soothing oils.

Underarm Brightening Treatment

Brighter skin can be achieved with our underarm treatment. This service utilizes enzymes designed to exfoliate and brighten this troublesome area. Treatment also includes waxing of the underarms.

Intimate Skin

Why get a V-Treatment?

  • Treat ingrown hairs
  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Smooth bumps and irritation to repair the skin
  • Even out skin texture
  • Combat breakouts
  • Calm and smooth skin immediately after a wax service
  • Leaves skin nourished, moisturized and silky smooth