Body Waxing
Underarms               $35

          Also see our Underarm Brightening Treatment under Intimate Skin services

Full Arm                    $45
          From the tips of your fingers to the tops of your shoulders

Full Back                     $75

          This service includes from the nape of the neck to the small of the back.

Naval                           $15                   

          Small area around the naval

Upper Leg                $55
          Bikini not included

Lower Leg                $55
           To include knees to toes

Full Leg                    $85
          Bikini not included

Bikini                         $45

          Removes the hair in the crease of the leg on both sides along the bikini line 

          and top of the pelvis.

Brazilian                   $75

          Removes ALL hair from the front, back, and all areas in-between

          *also see our V-Treatment Service   


How to Get A Great Wax

  • If this is your first wax, allow at least 3-4 weeks of hair growth before your waxing appointment.

  • Never shave or tweeze between your waxing appointments. This will throw off your hair growth pattern and you never get the smooth results you want.

  • Never use lotions or body oils on the day of your wax. These products will interfere with your waxing service.

  • Exfoliate! It is recommended to exfoliate 1-3 times weekly leading up and after your wax appointments.

  • Make sure to drink plenty of water leading up to your appointment. Hydrated skin makes for easier hair removal.


Facial Waxing

Face (lips, chin, cheeks and sideburns)     $45

Lip                                  $15                    Sideburns              $15

Chin                               $15                    Nostrils                  $15

Ear                                 $15                    Cheeks                   $15

Brow Make Over           $40
          Includes consultation, brow design, shaping and 

           trimming. May also include waxing, tweezing or both.

Brow Maintenance $30
          Includes brow clean up, waxing, and tweezing