Eyebrow Waxing

From eyebrow clean-up and maintenance to a total eyebrow design and shaping, this service will help frame the eyes and brighten your entire appearance

Lash and Brow Tinting
$30 each, $55 for both

Accentuate your natural beauty and lessen the need for products such as eyebrow pencils.  This service will help to emphasize your eyes with this natural look that lasts 4-6 weeks.

Lash tint is a quick and easy solution for those who depend on mascara to darken lightly-colored lashes. Perfect for men and women with blonde, reddish or light brown hair that want more clearly defined features.  Whether you want to wake up in the morning with your "eyes on" or forget about waterproof mascara during the summer time, you'll be thrilled with the results of this service.

Bonus Services

M'Lis Body Contour Wrap

Series of 3: $300

​Series of 6: $550

Providing cellulite reduction through detoxifying body cleansing, this wrap addresses the real causes of cellulite in a holistic way by maintaining hydration. Inches lost are permanent. 

The M’lis Professional Contour Wrap may be used in two ways: for inch loss, or for detoxification and lymphatic cleansing. This amazing wrap does both for the body. The contour body wrap helps to free and remove trapped waste in the connective tissue, eliminating internal disfiguring deposits and stimulate inch loss. Wraps are often sold in a series of treatments to maximize inch loss and cleansing. The contour cream helps stimulate the lymphatic circulation while the plastic wrap acts as an acupressure to push the lymphatic fluid up into the thoracic valve, circulating the toxins back into the blood stream to get filtered out through the liver and the kidneys, promoting permanent inch loss.

This 60-90 minute process is not a water loss, as clients do not sweat, and does not contain chemicals or dehydrating ingredients. Clients may wear their own swimwear, or bandeau-type bra and panties are recommended (short swim trunks for men).

Elleebana Lash Lift
$85 ($105 for Lift + Tint)

Luscious, lifted lashes in the blink of an eye! This service will result in a sumptuous lash lift that will be retained even through showers and swimming! Lasts 6 - 12 weeks!