Underarm                                        $35

Gives a completely smooth underarm for weeks. For people with dark hair and light skin, is the only way to get a truly smooth underarm

Full-Face                                      $45

For cheeks, jaw-line, lip and chin, this full facial waxing service provides a completely smooth foundation for flawless make-up application.

Nostrils                                         $15

Obliterate any unwanted hairs that can be seen coming from the nostrils. Less painful than plucking a single nose-hair.

Waxing Services​.

Cheeks                                            $25

Cheeks will feel soft and smooth with this finishing treatment. Perfect for enhancing make-up applications. Ask us about our Jane Iredale makeup line.

Eyebrows                                  $15-$35

From eyebrow clean-up and maintenance to a total eyebrow design and shaping, this service will help frame the eyes and brighten your entire appearance

Shaping: $35

​Clean-Up: $20

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Full Arm                                        $45

Smooth and silky upper and lower arms (does not include underarm)

Bikini                                              $45

Areas near the margins of your bikini will be waxed, including any hair outside and above the elastic line, and on thighs.

Facial Waxing

Chin                                               $15

Your confidence level will be boosted with this service that cleans up the face for a more youthful feel.

Half / Full Leg                           $55/$65

Tired of shaving?  Leg waxing is a great alternative for longer-lasting, smoother legs.

​Half Leg includes lower leg (including feet and toes if necessary), to just above the knees

​Full Leg includes tips of the toes to the tops of the thighs

Body Waxing

Lip                                                 $15

Experience the clean look this service provides. Excellent service for women who get darker or coarser hair around the mouth.